We maintain communications with allied interests to achieve our clients’ growth objectives

We create innovative collaborations

Corporate Development

Validus Group can provide the insight and connections needed to help your healthcare company identify profitable opportunities and develop strategic corporate partnerships. Our company is known for creating innovative collaborations that unite corporations and economic development leaders in mutually beneficial relationships.

Leveraging Relationships
Corporate clients in many industries have benefited from being represented by Validus Group. Our experience and knowledge base span diverse sectors and organizations, including national leaders in government, healthcare, finance, academia and international business. Drawing on our network of contacts, we can help you develop synergistic relationships as you explore new avenues for your business.

Recognizing Opportunities
We will work with you to evaluate and drive strategic new business opportunities for your company. You’ll be able to rely on our unique grasp of wide-ranging markets – as well as strong relationships with corporate decision-makers – to help expand your geographic coverage and your focus on external growth.

Strategizing Growth
Validus Group brings you a well-honed awareness of economic development incentives – in the national, state and local arenas. This knowledge, added to our insights concerning future growth areas, can help your company benefit from every possible advantage to increase long-term profitability.

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Legislative Affairs

Validus Group focuses on being a productive voice for the business concerns of our clients. Effectiveness is our sole aim. Toward that end, we employ valuable experience working with the legislative and executive branches of federal and state governments. The bi-partisan relationships established by Validus Group can help you realize challenging objectives.

Passage and Amendment of Legislative Initiatives
Political landscapes and government bureaucracies form a complex labyrinth. Navigating it will be difficult, regardless of your goal. The process requires experienced guides with inside knowledge – the kind that Validus Group provides. We help clients reach objectives, harnessing our resources to pass initiatives that are beneficial to their interests and to defeat harmful legislation. Our services include:

• Bill drafting and amendment preparation
• Public testimony before legislative committees
• Proactive committee interaction with legislators and staff

Face-to-face Advocacy
Some clients are at a loss to know when a personal meeting with government officials might be necessary or beneficial. We’ll help you determine if that would be advantageous for you… identify key legislators who should be contacted in their district offices… and arrange strategic, top-level meetings for you.

Training and Education
Many people find it challenging to engage with legislators and public officials, especially when the goal is to influence a specific outcome. Working closely with our clients, Validus Group conducts government affairs workshops to train and educate executives and staffs on the most effective ways to approach these interactions.

Development of Legislative Champions
Achieving policy objectives often takes years of networking and persistence. Having a powerful advocate for your issue is essential. A legislative champion who knows you and appreciates your issue can be the key to success with any government body. Validus Group works diligently to educate elected officials on the importance of our clients’ issues, and to develop legislative allies who provide willing assistance at a moment’s notice.

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Government Relations

Executing an effective government relations strategy is about more than just lobbying elected officials. It’s about building strong relationships with key agencies and personnel to ensure that your message is heard at all levels of government.

With years of experience both creating and implementing public policy, Validus Group has developed an extensive network of contacts throughout the halls of governments. Our associations give you the confidence of knowing you have all the information you need to make the best decisions.

To be successful, a government relations strategy should be proactive. That’s why we take the initiative in developing relationships with key government personnel. Through this approach, we advocate our clients’ issues at the earliest possible opportunity.

Influence Rules and Legislation
Validus Group clients benefit from an extensive network of highly skilled professionals. It’s one formed over our many years working both with and within government. Our policy experts are adept at monitoring and analyzing administrative rules and legislation that may affect our clients. Based on this intelligence, we work to advance policies that will benefit our clients’ interests, and to counter proposals that may have adverse impacts.

Government Agency Interaction
By making regular contact with government agencies and staff, we ensure that our clients always have strong relationships with appropriate regulatory agencies. These relationships yield valuable information, which we routinely gather regarding pending legislation, interim projects, proposed rules, and other upcoming activities. Working with regulators has taught us that you need a seat at the table if you want to make a difference. Validus Group can explore and develop opportunities for our clients to serve on appointed boards. We regularly monitor the board-vacancies and review end-of-session legislation to identify opportunities with newly formed task forces or committees.

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